Simple Facts and Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is basically a type of bodywork that is usually used to improve body functions. Registered massage therapists use their hands in a number of ways, in order to alter and manipulate soft tissues in the body to improve blood circulation and to promote relaxation.

Massage therapy is also used to improve general body health and wellbeing in the client / customer, and also to reduce the possibility of suffering medical issues in the future.

The history of massage therapy

Massage is actually one of the ancient forms of health care that still exists today. Artwork and manuscripts from around the globe have shown individuals being massaged. Alternative health techniques such as the traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda used massage therapy to treat diseases and injuries.

As a modern therapeutic, massage was first established in the 19th century, by a Swedish gymnast known as Per Hendrik Ling who designed a system called “Swedish Massage” and is considered one of the best techniques available today.

Today, many massage techniques exist- they are used for various purposes, conditions and problems. Massage therapy is actually one of the best alternative health practices that is used in most western countries today.

Principles of massage therapy

Massage therapy is precisely the simple healthcare practice available! It is vital because it stimulates the natural healing ability of the body, via kneading, stroking and hitting the body with the knowledge of the principles of anatomy in humans. Check more here for information.

Massage therapy techniques involve plenty of touching, which is an essential sensation that is linked to love, comfort and emotion.

Young animals and children need touching, rubbing and stroking in order to thrive and grow. Touch has actually been linked/connected to muscle relaxation and stress-relief in adults as well.

Massage therapy is also resourceful for stimulating your lymphatic system in order to eliminate body toxins and also to boost the immune system.

Types of massage therapy

There are many types of massage. Massage basically involves anything from rubbing out a tensed muscle in your neck to consulting a therapist for a specific advice.

Swedish massage

It is the most applied form of massage therapy in America. It encompasses gentle and long kneading strokes in order to reduce stress and also to improve blood circulation.

Deep tissue massage

This form of massage focuses on the deeper connective tissue by using slower and harder strokes so as to release tensed or tight muscles, recovery from injuries or postural issues.

Thai massage

This is one is similar to the Shiatsu massage that works through application of intense force on pressure points.

When force is applied to specific pressure points, there is free flow of energy throughout your body.

The massage therapist will move your body around in different postures in order to stretch it. Thai massage is actually one of the best energizing massage methods.

Other massage techniques include; sports massage, aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage and Shiatsu.

Benefits of massage therapy

Massage therapy has a number of benefits; they are as follows:

  • Promoting relaxation and reduce stress related issues
  • Reduces muscle and joint pain
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Controls depression and digestive problems

Finally, if you want to keep your body in peak condition, try massage therapy. Check for all your massage needs – With the help of a registered massage therapist, you will be able to achieve all the above merits.