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The Perfect Gastronomic Delight

Cold cuts must be gastronomically properly selected to fit into the whole meal. They need to pay special attention because with little sense and imagination they can satisfy every visual taste, and of course the taste.

The usual offer of cold appetizers

Cold appetizers are the first category your guests meet when they open their menus. They make the first impression of a kitchen offer on the basis of this short list. Whether you leave the impression of a boring restaurant and drown in the offer of your competition or want to show that you are modern and creative will greatly depend on this first impression.

  • We know the usual offer without having to open the menus. Different cured meats and cheeses. Prosciutto, kulen, mozzarella, cheese from Pag, etc. Someone will probably add octopus salad, and the best one will dare to eat some carpaccio or fish. And that’s it. With the good corporate catering services you can surely find your options now.
  • At best, our caterers try to supplement that cold list of foods like smoked salmon, caviar and some plates.
  • But then we get the frequent problems of overcrowded cards. The guests do not know what to order, are not sure of the freshness of the food, and you cannot control the whole offer.

Please pay attention to the details

If we ignore overcrowding, this initial list of cold appetizers at first glance looks quite satisfactory.

But if there is room for improvement in the menu then it is a category of cold appetizers. For real, she is most neglected. It looks as though the owners make copy / paste offers for each new restaurant.

In order to be separated from the competition, it is not necessary to invent the entire category again. Just add just a few new meals to be different and to point out.

The secret is in detail and the guests will always notice it.

The best way would be to change the menu periodically. We create a couple of new dishes every three, four months. Thus, with minimal changes to the guest, we will always offer a refreshed map.

Ideas for cold appetizers

  1. Brush

Brushes are a well-known, always fresh, Italian dish. They are great for every taste, from tomatoes and white fish, to various types of fish and meat. They can be eaten as a cold appetizer, but they can serve as a main dish with some delicious soup or salad.

Most restaurants have them on offer. But again, everything is reduced to two types, those with tomatoes and those with tuna. Again a boring daily offer.

If we want to attract attention, cause a “wow” effect, we have to offer something new, something that is the first time you meet in your restaurant.